Data/BI engineer (Java/Scala, RedShift, QS, Spotfire)

Заработная плата: 5 000 – 7 200 долларов
Опыт работы: нет опыта
Занятость: полная занятость

Описание вакансии

ClearScale (headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA) - AWS Premier Consulting Partner has been offering a full range of professional cloud computing services for over 10 years, including architecture design, DevOps automation, refactoring and cloud-native applications development, integration, migration, solving all sorts of security issues (from just a security check to preventing cyber-attacks) and 24/7 technical support using the best advanced technologies.

The list of our customers is diverse: from government companies (ClearScale is an official cloud partner of the State of California) and educational institutions (University of California, San Francisco) to well-known global brands (IBM, Samsung, GoPro, HP, Conde Nast, Carl Zeiss, etc.) The number of satisfied customers has been well over 850, some of which can be found on the company's website in the Case Studies section.

  • We were the third company to gain a new AWS competence: Applied AI and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). Less than 15 partners have this competency!
  • We have confirmed status in the Database Freedom program (total less than 20 companies in)
  • Proven expertise as a Managed Services Provider (total less than 16 companies in). This means that ClearScale can perform a full cycle consultancy and service: from audits, system or software development to the 24/7. You can read more about us on the company page - Managed Services.

Since the very foundation of the company, we work 100% remotely from various cities and countries. We work on a high trust basis within the company, therefore we do not monitor work being done via taking screen captures, webcams or log keyboard typing, as many other companies do. The professional reputation of our employees is of the highest value.

About the role

ClearScale is looking for AWS Data Engineer to participate in building cost-efficient scalable data lakes for the wide variety of customers, from the small startups to the large enterprises. Usually, our projects fit into one of the categories (but not limited to them):

  • Architect, develop and maintain AWS Glue data pipelines for Analytics SaaS solution
  • Work with BI tools for visual data representation
  • Evolve DataLake solution for multi-tenant fintech AWS SaaS platform

You will become part of a mid-sized distributed engineering team that is responsible for preparing infrastructure, designing application architecture, implementing and stabilizing program code, running load tests, optimizing performance, and providing operational support.

About the project

The Client is a venture-funded, fintech company that provides integrated credit score and personal finance solutions to over 125 Credit Unions and Banks. The Client's solution provides a free credit score, report, and daily monitoring. Its pre-qualification offer engine displays targeted financial offers from the financial service partner based on the user’s credit score. The number of customers has significantly grown since 2018.

ClearScale has previously developed a multi-tenant AWS cloud-native SaaS platform for The Client to power credit score and personal finance solutions. ClearScale has also implemented an event-based data architecture to support several most important data-driven analytical reports. Now ClearScale has been asked to deliver the following:

+ DWH/BI audit and modernization plan: analyze the existing Microsoft SQL Server-based DWH, identify data consolidation flows, analytical queries, and aggregation tables/views, inspect existing integration with Spotfire BI tool, and develop a modernization plan to implement Amazon Redshift-based DWH

+ Data platform MVP: evolve existing event-based data architecture with new events and aggregate batch processing

+ BI integration MVP: integrate Redshift with Spotfire and QuickSight BI tools

+ Data export layer design and functional POC: describe and prototype architecture to enable 3rd party consumers API integration


  • Develop and improve data pipelines and Data Lake env based on AWS Serverless Glue Analytics + Redshift DWH
  • Examine performance and advise necessary infrastructure changes
  • Implement integration to Spotfire and QuickSight
  • Performing code reviews
  • Documentation of new functionality
  • Analyze, scope and estimate tasks, identify technology stack and tools
  • Communicate with client on project-related issues

Required skills and experience

ClearScale expects a successful candidate to have most of the following qualifications and skills (not necessary all have to be presented):

We are looking for a candidate with 7+ years of experience in Data, Cloud or Software Engineer role, who has attained a degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Informatics, Information Systems or another quantitative field

  • Hands-on experience designing efficient architectures for high-load enterprise-scale applications or ‘big data’ pipelines
  • Practical experience in implementing of micro-services architectures (using Java or Scala stack)
  • Hands-on experience with message queuing, stream processing and highly scalable ‘big data’ stores
  • Advanced knowledge and experience working with SQL and noSQL databases
  • Proven experience in re-design and re-architecting of the large complex business applications
  • Strong self-management and self-organizational skills

Successful candidates should have experience with any of the following software/tools (not all required at the same time):

  • Java/Scala - strong knowledge
  • Strong knowledge of AWS cloud services: AWS Redshift, AWS Glue, AWS Lamda
  • Big data tools: Kafka, Spark, Hadoop (HDFS3, YARN2,Tez, Hive, HBase)
  • Stream-processing systems: Kinesis Streaming, Spark-Streaming, Kafka Streams, Kinesis Analytics
  • Message queue systems: ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, AWS SQS
  • Federated identity services (SSO): Okta, AWS Cognito
  • Valid AWS certificates would be a great plus
  • Ability to carry on communication in English in emails and chats with customers. Ideal candidate has fluent English to maintain technical calls with the US teammates

What we offer

# 1 Fair wage

  • Fixed hourly rate in USD
  • Full-time, 40 hours per week contract. It’s your main and permanent place of work, not a freelance job
  • Payments every 2 weeks
  • Annual Hourly Rate Review: received client's appreciation, obtained an AWS certificate, saved the world?The reward is based on facts, not on a personal attitude
  • Reference program: many engineers joined the team by the recommendation from their friends and former colleagues and we have a reward for this.

# 2 Independence

  • from the office location or office conditions because it's only up to you where you want to work from - home, office, co-working or outdoors in the woods. The only requirement - fast and reliable internet. At the same time, our engineers do not work evenings or weekends: we focus on your local timezone
  • from any annoyance or big team buzz - we are the community of professional engineers, valuing each others' time and effort
  • from corruption and bureaucracy - we operate in an honest and competitive environment and we are one of the AWS's top 10 key partners.

# 3 Professional Development

  • Work with innovative Silicon Valley companies and traditional American companies at the cutting edge of digital transformation
  • We work with the newest technologies in AWS cloud and open-source tools, Jira, Confluence, Lucidchart, Slack
  • Constant practice at writing and speaking in English
  • The team which is willing to share its experience
  • Paid AWS certification: we provide training material, paid time off and examination itself
  • Horizontal and vertical career growth - are you ready to be greater, faster, stronger? We keep growing and people keep growing with us
  • A nice bonus if you accept our offer quickly


Иногда письма на почте теряются, а сотрудники могут пропустить ваш звонок из-за совещания. Вы можете связаться с работодателем напрямую по указанным контактам, но мы рекомендуем еще отправить отклик на сайте

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