DevSecOps Engineer (AWS, Remote)

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Описание вакансии

About us

ClearScale LLC (headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA) - AWS Premier Consulting Partner has been offering a full range of professional cloud computing services for over 10 years, including architecture design, DevOps automation, refactoring and cloud-native applications development, integration, migration, solving all sorts of security issues (from just a security check to preventing cyber-attacks) and 24/7 technical support using the best advanced technologies.

The list of our customers is diverse: from government companies (ClearScale is an official cloud partner of the state of California) and educational institutions (University of California, San Francisco) to well-known global brands (IBM, Samsung, GoPro, HP, Conde Nast, Carl Zeiss, etc.) The number of satisfied customers has been well over 850, some of which can be found on the company's website in the Case Studies section.

- We were the third company to gain a new AWS competence - Applied AI and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). BTW less than 15 partners have this competence!

- We have confirmed status in the Database Freedom program (total less than 20 companies in)

- Proven expertise as a Managed Services Provider (total less than 16 companies in). This means that ClearScale can perform a full cycle of work - from audits, system or software development to round-the-clock support (24/7). You can read more about this on the company's page - Managed Services.

Since the very foundation of the company, we work 100% remotely from various cities and countries. We work on a high trust basis within the company, therefore we do not monitor work being done via taking screen captures, webcams or log keyboard typing, as many other companies do. The professional reputation of our employees is of the highest value.

About the role

ClearScale's security team is growing rapidly and looking for an experienced DevSecOps Engineer to assist with DevOps efforts and join our team of passionate professionals. Identify and implement security improvements, implement secure practices, defense in-depth and monitoring and event response tool sets to handle growing threats in the cloud. Work closely with DevOps, DBAs, Systems, SA and Network teams to refine and enforce security practices.

Basic qualification:

  • Bachelors in Computer Science or related field
  • Engineering cloud security guard rails in AWS.
  • Strong understanding of technologies and security implications deployed in AWS
  • Experience deploying automated security tooling in CI/CD pipelines.
  • Experience deploying AWS WAF
  • Experience performing AWS security audit and compliance assessments.
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tools – AWS GuardDuty, AWS Config, AWS Firewall Manager, AWS Detective, etc.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) – Ansible, Terraform, AWS Cloudformation.
  • Scripting languages such as Bash, Python, etc.

Who you are:

  • Love CLI
  • Proficiency in a Strongly Typed language
  • Interest and experience in AWS
  • Should have experience in building CI/CD
  • Should have experience in deploying AWS WAF
  • Don't mind learning new technologies to implement user-facing features
  • Prior experience building security solutions in AWS
  • Have experience providing security services to public-facing tools/applications/sites
  • Comfortable communicating your technical thought process to non-technical team members
  • Can work independently given a user story and a definition of done
  • Love to demo your work to the team and customers
  • Prefer being user-focused as opposed to being technology-focused

Job responsibilities:

  • Work as a DevSecOps Engineer focusing on security problems
  • Develop Infrastructure as Code and Configuration as Code
  • Use security best practices in creating secure AWS infrastructures
  • Develop bash/python scripts
  • Eagerly look for opportunities to automate
  • Creating and deploying security solutions based on AWS services
  • Help in DevSecOps tasks such as container security, hardening, baselining, and CI/CD security
  • Performing AWS security audits and compliance assessments
  • Deploying and configuring AWS WAF
  • Incident management
  • Automation of security controls
  • Control and management of security operations
  • Project Documentation (Diagrams, Architecture Design, Instructions, Handover documents)
  • Communications with the customer in English (emails, slack chat, work sessions)

Required skills and experience

  • Experience with all aspects of DevOps (source control, continuous integration, deployments, etc.)
  • AWS Ops experience is a must. We are looking for a minimum of 2 years
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Linux Server support (3-5 years)
  • Production infrastructure support (3-5 years)
  • Experience with AWS Security tools
  • Experience with aws security audit and compliance assessments
  • Experience with AWS WAF
  • High level of expertise with key and security AWS services

Desired Certifications (not a must)

  • Certified Solutions Architect – (Associate / Professional)
  • Certified DevOps Engineer – (Associate / Professional)
  • Certified SysOps Administrator – (Associate / Professional)
  • Certified Developer – (Associate)

What we offer

# 1 Fair wage

- Fixed hourly rate in US dollars (fluctuate ruble exchange rate is actually being a plus during the last few years)

- Full-time load, 40 hours per week. It’s your main place of work not a side job.

- Payments on a clear schedule every 2 weeks.

- Annual Hourly Rate Review - received appreciation from a client, passed a kewl AWS certificate, saved the world? We reward on the basis of facts, not a personal relation.

- Reference program - many engineers came to the team on the recommendation of their friends and former colleagues and we have a reward for this.

# 2 Independence

- From the location or office conditions because it is only your choice where exactly you want to work - from home, office, coworking space or outdoors in the forest with only one requirement - fast and stable internet. At the same time, our engineers do not work evenings or weekends because our focus is on the employee's local time.

- From annoying co-workers with their small talks - we are a community of professional engineers, no BS.

- From corruption and bureaucracy - we operate in an honest and competitive environment and are one of AWS's top 10 key partners.

# 3 Professional Development

- Work with innovative Silicon Valley companies and traditional American companies at the cutting edge of digital transformation.

- We work with the newest technologies in the AWS cloud and open-source tools, Jira, Confluence, Lucidchart, Slack.

- Constant practice in writing and speaking English.

- A Russian-speaking technical team sharing their expertise.

- Paid AWS certification - provide training material, set of paid time and pay for examinations.

- Horizontal and vertical career growth - are you ready to be greater, faster, stronger? We keep growing and people keep growing with us.

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